Charity & Event Hire

Mendip Bouncy Castles can provide quality bouncy castles or inflatables for your event. Whether it's a village fete, school fete/ barbecue, country fair, charity event & fundraiser or more we can help.

Charity & fundraising events

As a bouncy castle company we are frequently asked for a free bouncy castle hire or a discount. We do not provide free or discounted hires because as a company we have already chosen several good causes that we personally want to support each year which are close to our hearts! Also a bouncy castle can potentially make a lot of money at an event even after paying for the hire fee.

Instead we can provide a bouncy castle or inflatable at your event for the normal hire fee. You can then generate funds by charging users to play e.g. £1.50 for 5-10 mins. All the profit made after the cost of the hire fee can then go to your charity or fundraiser.

Tip! When deciding which inflatable to hire don't necessarily opt for the cheapest castle as the smaller the castle the fewer number of participants that can take part at any one time potentially limiting your earning potential. Also a larger castle or inflatable is eye catching and a crowd drawer!

School fetes/ barbecues, Village fetes, Country fairs etc

There are 2 options for bouncy castles & inflatables at these types of events;

1) We will deliver, set up the bouncy castle(s) ready for the event & then return to collect the castle(s) at the end of the event. This allows the event to run & supervise the bouncy castle(s) at our normal daily hire rate.

2) We will deliver, set up, collect and supervise the bouncy castle(s) for our normal daily hire rate, plus £15 per hour for a trained uniformed supervisor. (Leaving the option for the event organiser either to charge or allow the children on for free).

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