Beaufort Scale

The Beaufort scale or its full name the Beaufort wind force scale, is a scale of wind speed based on a visual estimation of the wind's effects, ranging from force 0 (less than 1 mph, ‘calm’) to force 12 (73 mph and above, ‘hurricane’).

Below is the Beaufort scale for you to use to help judge when conditions are safe for inflatables to be used. The industry recommends a maximum wind speed of Force 5 on the Beaufort scale of 19-24 mph. In the event of wind conditions reaching Force 5 (19-24 mph) all users must leave the inflatable and all electrical equipment must be turned off from the mains, by a responsible adult. The inflatable MUST remain deflated until the wind conditions return to a safe acceptable level.

Click on the picture to open up a PDF version which you can either save or print a copy for your use.

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